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Personal sessions with Rama Inacio: May 24th

  • Innergistic 2401 South Elm Place Broken Arrow, OK, 74012 United States (map)

The modalities of Sound and Vibration are exceptional. They are bridges which connect the multidimensional realms to the 3D, and the intangible to the physical.  Our bodily discomforts and dis-ease first originate in our etheric body before manifesting in the physical body, so vibration is a perfect tool, as it bypasses the mental body and supports a new degree of wholeness, vitality and connection.

Through various techniques, such as toning, tuning forks, singing bowls, chimes and modalities he has developed himself, Rama will support deep healing, clearing and infusing light to your auric field, etheric body and physical body. It is a deeply soothing and profound experience.

Rama has had success helping individuals with the following physical conditions:

  • Anxiety & depression
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome & acute stomach pain
  • Thyroid imbalances
  • High blood pressure
  • Joint pain (knee & shoulder)
  • Autism & ADHD
  • Blood clots


Personal sessions $77 (60mins) or $44 (30 mins)

Sessions available (11am-5pm)

Please call Innergistic at 918-455-0102 or email to schedule a personal session with Rama.



"I truly feel that these have made an immense difference and feel very blessed. My body started feeling better and was not in pain like before. I am now doing a mile a few times a week with walking poles without issue, and have been climbing
stairs that are a challenge for people without issues" - M

"Thank you, Rama, for my great intuitive reading. You really helped me see options that I didn't realize were available, and you've inspired me to question some of my strongly held views on the issue we discussed. I've been letting the reading digest for a while so that I can pinpoint the result(s) I got from it" - K

"Thank you for providing a safe, nurturing place for me to heal. The experience of opening my heart, to acknowledge and proclaim the calling of my spirit has deeply impacted my life in so many ways this week" - J


Later Event: May 26