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RAMA INACIO: The Archangel Michael & Archea Faith Attunement

  • Innergistic 2401 South Elm Place Broken Arrow, OK, 74012 United States (map)

The Archangel Michael & Archea Faith Attunement

***This event is limited to 7 spaces.  Please RSVP to reserve your seat.***

Rama invites you to receive this phenomenal attunement to align with the energies of Archangel Michael and Archea Faith. This attunement was first given in 1992 and he had the honor of being initiated to give the attunement in 2008.

"The mighty Archangel Michael is the Angel of Courage, Strength and Protection. His twin flame is Faith, who as her name suggests confirms your confidence or faith in yourself so that you can accomplish your mission." 


If you are drawn to this attunement you may already be in service with Archangel Michael and Archea Faith, but you may not know it on a conscious level. This initiation becomes your acceptance of Archangel Michael's Sword of Light and Truth and your acceptance of the The Chalice of Affluence held by Archea Faith. The initiation is a rebirthing into one's reason for incarnating at this time. 

Further benefits include: 


  • heightened energy
  • enhanced ability to love oneself and others without judgement
  • increasing ability to be gentle with yourself
  • a deeper connection with the Self with greater joy and more clarity about your sense of purpose
  • release from old, negative, painful patterns
  • healing of the body, mind and spirit
  • a deeper connection with the other Lightworkers on the planet 

Exchange: $77 ($44 for re-attunements) 

***Call Innergistic at 918-455-0102 to RSVP***


PLEASE NOTE: Rama Inacio is offering several events during the weekend of June 10/11.  He is also available for personal sessions at Innergistic during the day on Saturday as well as during the morning on Sunday.  Personal sessions are $44/30 minutes or $77/60 minutes.  Call Innergistic at 918-455-0102 to schedule your session or to RSVP for other events (see below).

Saturday, June 10th at 6:30 p.m.: Group Channeling with Rama Inacio: A Channeled Event with the Angels and Ascended Masters... exchange is $22 each. Space for this event is limited to 20 persons.  ***Please RSVP***.

Sunday, June 11th at 5:30 p.m.:  Sound, Alchemy & Your Divine Blueprint.  Exchange is $25 each. ***Please RSVP***.

Call 918-455-0102 to RSVP for all events.  We look forward to seeing you!