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Make Shi(f)t Happen Workshop with Deana and Sherry

  • Innergistic 2401 S. Elm Place Broken Arrow, OK 74012 USA (map)

Make SHI(f)T HAPPEN in 2019!

Are you feeling the changing energy — that something is emerging? Something within you has shifted and things feel more positive, as if 2019 is the year of traction and expansion?


The planets have aligned to support you in finally moving forward with your dreams and goals. But you have to SEE IT. PLAN IT. OWN IT. LIVE IT. BE IT.

The Capricorn energy of 2019 wants you to expand into your greatness, but do it from wisdom, through processes and action. You have to know where you are going, what you want to see, map your route, make your reservations, fuel up your car, decide who’s going with you, and get in your car and drive.

This workshop will help you do just that! Join Sherry Mickleberry and Deana Parsons for a fun day of mapping out your year ahead and leave with the insight and tools necessary to help you get from point A to point B while enjoying the ride!

Here’s to the incredible adventure of JOURNEY 2019! Stay on course and realize your goals!

Whatever you are yearning to do, become, attract — YES, YOU CAN!

DATE: SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 16, 2019 TIME: 9:30 am - 5:30 pm PLACE: INNERGISTIC 2401 S. Elm Place, Broken Arrow, OK 74012 INVESTMENT IN YOU: $146 TO REGISTER: Contact Lori at 918-455-0102


Sherry and Deana are quite a team! The synergy of their combined teachings and gifts creates a safe, fun, honest and, often, eye-opening experience.

Sherry Mickleberry is an Intuitive Shaman and Spiritual Cheerleader who combines more than 17 years of spiritual life coaching with 7 years of Peruvian shamanic knowledge of energy medicine to assist her clients. In addition, messages from her angels, guides and animal energy assist her clients in sparking their inner spirit and personal transformation. She also adds Reiki to bring balance and harmony into each of her sessions.

Sherry creates a space that is sacred and safe for the internal work that is vitally necessary for personal transformation.

Deana Parsons is a conscious creator, archeologist of stories and human potential architect. She helps people connect to themselves, explore their dreams, unearth their unique gifts and potential, and see how to navigate life from a space of purpose and conscious co-creation.

Deana has spent 29 years helping companies, entrepreneurs and individuals become successful by visually telling their stories through branding and creative direction.