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Palmistry Workshop with Sandy Jorgensen

  • Innergistic 2401 South Elm Place Broken Arrow, OK, 74012 United States (map)

Palmistry Workshop with Sandy Jorgensen

Sunday, June 2nd
12-4 PM
pre-registration required
(918) 455-0102

Limited to 10 participants

You are invited for an afternoon of self discovery. Both hands will be inked for reference as we discuss the basic meanings of the lines, hand shapes and nails. Our subconscious thinking habits are on our non dominant hand and the conscious, public thoughts are on our dominant hand. The hand we use the most for writing and eating is the one that changes over time because it is said to be a representation of our personality. Through conscious behavioral changes, we can become a new and improved version of ourselves. Then, you will see lines that change!
The reading of hands is not a mere superstition. It is a science that was studied by the ancients along with astrology and has developed and been used ever since, right up until this present day.
Despite its suppression throughout the Middle Ages and the prohibited use of it during the reign of King Henry VIII (who banned palmistry and other alternative practices, brandishing those who used it as sorcerers and devil worshipers). It is still flourishing more than ever today, especially in these stressful modern times when we are all searching for truth and answers within ourselves.
Many doctors and psychologists who have investigated its science have shown from their conclusions that hands have the potential to reveal a person’s character, health and psychological states.
Oftentimes, the act of touch will help the reader develop another psychic language that adds to the equation and ties it all together. There is a legend that when babies are in the womb, an angel whispers into the top of the head and as they touch their head with both hands, the lines are formed on the palm.

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