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Wellness Techniques in Animal Communication Weekend Course!

Join Cindy Kay Jones, Animal Communicator and Psychic Medium, for this two day workshop, September 21st and 22nd, as Cindy will guide you deeper into the fascinating realm of Animal Communication. Animals instinctively know how they feel but are their people listening? An animal that has digestive challenges many times will not eat until the issue resolves itself. Animals that know when it is their time to pass will often leave their home searching for a place to transition. Animals live by their instincts and there is so much that humans can learn from them.
This is Level II of Animal Communication for those who have studied under Cindy tutelage.

Cindy Kay Jones is a well trained and accomplished Psychic Medium and Animal Communicator. She has diligently studied with some of the finest Mediums and Animal Communicators of our time and has also received international training at the Arthur Findlay College in the UK. She utilizes her mediumnistic and intuitive gifts to help people and pets in the fascinating world of Spirit. She has been interviewed on radio domestically, and internationally, and has had the great honor to present Meditation and Psychic Workshops in Shanghai, China. Cindy has also been selected to present her workshop "The Alchemy of Acutonics: Vibrational Wellness for our Animal Friends” at the renowned Spiritualist Community Lily Dale, in Lily Dale, NY.

Special Offer.
If you book before 1 September 2019 you will have a discount of $25. Paying just $100 for this wellness and healing workshop. - Call Innnergistic to make payment for this course at 918.455.0102

Wellness Techniques - Animal Communication Course
This workshop is designed for those who are closely connected with animals, whether purely just for the love of them or working and living with them in their daily lives, to assist them with the healing and wellness of animals.

The benefits of attending this Wellness Techniques in Animal Communication Workshop are:
Identify what your animal is feeling and then take action from this information
Learn the benefits of working with Tuning Forks in Vibration Wellness
Lean the benefits of working with a BioMat in relation to an animals wellbeing
Learn about the Animal Chakra System and the effects thereof on animal behavior empowering you with a deeper understanding of their body and soul
Learning how often you should send healing to an animal
Being aware of the safety and dangers factors in healing work when working with animals
Leaning how to send healing to animals that pose safety issues
Becoming aware of how an animal's surroundings affects their healing
Learn the role of diet in an animal's health
Learning to deal with owners of an animal
Learning Remote Viewing as it relates to scanning an animals body

The workshop consists of:
· What is Energy and Disease
· The use of Tuning Forks and how sound affects water in
an animals body causing or reducing inflammation
· Learning different modalities of Wellness Techniques
· How animals express their feelings when they are unwell and how
they communicate intuitively with us
· Learning the Chakra System in Animals
· Understanding the information you receive from animals .
· Remote Viewing to scan an animals body
· Benefits of a BioMat and how to use one
· Benefits of Wellness Techniques - Restoring Energetic Balance to
an animal's body
· Use of Pendulums in detecting imbalance in an animals body and
how to restore balance.

The fee for Wellness Techniques Animal Communication Workshop is $125 and includes all course materials.